1. Push MP3
2. Don't Say (Accoustic Mix) MP3
3. My Own Time MP3
4. Daylight MP3
5. End This MP3
6. Lalala MP3
7. Daylight (Dawn Take) MP3
8. Daylight (Dusk Take) MP3

Just a project...

Something that I've been meaning to do for sometime now and now, finally, have the means to do so.

This music is inspired by the things that make your soul move. The things that drive us, and everything we wish we had.

Equipment listing: GUITARS: -1999 Gibson LP Studio "Gibby" (w/490R & PRS Tremonti Treble); FILTERCASTER (custom Tele/Strat hybrid); 91/93 MIA Strat Plus/Ultra -Epiphone AJ18S -2001 Fender MIM Jazz Deluxe 5 ELECTRONICS: -V-AMP 2; Marshall JMP-1 & 9001 Tube Pre -microKORG synth -Yamaha PSR-190 (piano sounds) -SM57 -And a dozen stomp boxes and rack amps/preamps at any given thanks to eBay.

MUSIC/RECORDING: -Mostly alt/snyth/electronic-rock w/some geetar for rhthym and texture. -I record direct into a Eurorack UB802 to an M-Audio Audiophile USB, and mix with Cool Edit Pro v2.0.